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Visa application for holders of Refugee Travel Documents

1. Please note that the Embassy of the Republic of Djibouti in Berlin can only issue visa for residents in Germany. Residents living in Austria, Poland or the Czech Republic have to apply for an eVisa

2. Visa applications are only processed when ALL required documents have been submitted. The required documents are listed below.

3. Vias applications should be send by mail (with pre paid return envelope) to the embassy.

4. In case you prefer to appear in person at the embassy you need to set up an appointment.

Required Documents 

• Two passport photos

• Two completed application forms! Please download the application form here!

• Your passport with a validity of at least 6 months

• A confirmation of your accommodation (Hotel booking or „lettre d'hébergement“, see section 5.)

• A confirmation of your return flight (e.g. copy of the plane ticket)

• Please indicate the purpose of your journey, the place of your entry, and in case of transit, your final destination (see application form).

Holders of a Refugee Travel Document need an additional official invitation document from Djibouti. This document is called Attestation d'Accueil and has to be applied for by your host at the Préfecture de la Ville de Djibouti in Djibouti well in time before you apply for the visa at the embassy. You have to take care that your name and the number of the passport (travel document) is written in the invitation exactly exactly and correctly as it is written in you Refugee Travel Document. Furthermore make sure that the date of entry and the date of departure are the same as on you flight ticket!

The Attestation d'Accueil looks like the the form below: